Everybody ends up…

…somewhere in life.  This statement is made by Andy Stanley in a book he authored entitled Visioneering.  Everybody ends up somewhere in life.  

Several months ago I attended a conference in which this book was recommended on leadership/vision.  It may be me, but it just seems like there are multitudes of books (and opinions) on visions and I really get overwhelmed.  I find myself struggling with how life, ministry, and vision should all exist and drive one another.  About the time I feel good about it, I second guess it.  About the time I feel I’ve got it all figured out, I lose it and need God to give me a fresh step in what He’s placed in my heart.  Many times me and vision are a mess.  But I’m working on it…

In Visioneering, Stanley bases vision on the life of Nehemiah.  Certainly, Nehemiah is no lightweight in having a vision…and…wait for it…following it through until completion.

No matter the book or the opinion, one thing is clear…Everybody does indeed end up somewhere in life.  Father, student, business executive, pastor, wife, teacher…well you get the point.  Thinking about the end…the final lunge in life, causes one to take present inventory of things.  Yes, it’s kind of scary.  How will I end?  How will you end?  I pray, no matter your opinion or mine…I pray that it will be to the glory of God.  For His good and His glory.  If this is the case it will be an end and completion of a vision that exemplifies integrity, among other things.  Ultimately, I want to finish well.  I do not want to walk through life, fatherhood, or ministry like an ostrich with my head in the sand, nor be blinded by my own pride.  

“Lord, continue to mold within me that vision you have placed there.  Lord, continue to chisel away at it.  Lord, help me to follow it through.  Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer–I want to end well.  Amen.”

Everybody ends up somewhere in life.  No matter where you or I find ourselves…God can see us through.  What’s the vision?

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