Connection Point 06/13

I remember as a child looking for a kitten that was lost. There is nothing like losing something you love so much–and as much as some despise cats, as a child they are typically a beloved possession. Most times, the kitten would be under the deck and would require some search and rescue efforts. And you can probably imagine what that was like as a child! How did I locate the kitten? Well you listened for the faintest cry (or meow)! The quieter I demanded things get around me, I would move to the cry and rescue the kitten.

In Psalm 102, the psalmist is in a place of desperation, perhaps where you may be today. You feel like God is a million galaxies away–a lifetime in which has the familiarity of a nightmare. The good news is this: God hears you and He knows where you are. However, you must cry out to Him. The Psalmist says:



do not hide

listen closely

answer me

Now the reality is this, these words, or requests, are not wholly different from others in the Scripture. However when you read on you see that the Psalmist describes his life this way:

My days vanish like smoke

My bones burn like a furnace

My heart is suffering

I even forget to eat my food” (really man!?)

I could go on but I exhort you to read it for yourself. You’ll see that while our shadows seem to grow longer, our God is spreading His wings over you. While the sun seems to be setting on your life, our God is using you to speak light for someone else (18). Hang on. Circumstances change. God does not. That’s evident in this Psalms. It like riding a roller coaster. Yep, that’s my crazy life.

I’m not sure if you feel like that kitten under the deck, perhaps wondering if anyone will look for you. Know this, and believe it: When you cry, God is moving in to rescue you. He know the crevice your in. Be of good cheer.

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