Mile Marker 06-25-18

The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are open to their cry for help. (Psalm 34:15 CSB)

I speculate too much. For example, when I’m running (normally early morning) I always “feel” like people are looking out there windows as I plod by, struggling to move forward and feeling all awkward-like. I have a complex like they are not only looking at me but probably making judgements about what I look like. However, in conversation with a neighbor today, there was every indication that he WAS NOT keeping up with me, looking at me through his window, or making judgements about me. If he was doing any of these things, I’d be shocked because I feel like he had have every opportunity to say so based on our conversation. I know, I’m weird. But I say this to say, many times I think we speculate too much about what people think about us, how they perceive us, or that they are judging us.

You see, one thing we know for sure as Christians is this: God is looking upon us. What others think of us is actually irrelevant, inasmuch as were not being offensive to them or being a stumbling block to them. I speculate too much about what others think of me…in the church and life, when actually, I’m guessing they think, talk, and judge me very little. My problem is that I think too highly of myself, too often, and I’m reminded of my need to repent of this even now. So, I’m thinking you can rest too. People probably aren’t thinking, talking, and judging you like you’re speculating. Most people have more than they can handle in themselves, that’s why we should PRAY and ENCOURAGE one another often. But that’s another post for another day…

I speculate too much. Maybe you do too. But I can rest. I can rest because people probably aren’t out to get me like I think. I can rest because God is watching upon me, and if I please Him, I please my Master. He accepts me in all my mess and embraces me as His own. We can rest.

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