Mile Marker 06-27-18

Psalm 119 is a chapter in the Bible that is all about God’s Word. The Psalmist is really expressive in this chapter in regards to the way God’s Word has really guided him.

Upon taking doctoral seminars, one of the first books that I was required to read in beginning the journey was How to Read a Book by Morimer J. Adler. (I know, I had to get that far in my educational journey to read a book that tells me how to read a book. Sidenote, after reading it, it is one of my favorite books and believe that every high school student show be REQUIRED to read it. Anyways…). In How to Read a Book, Adler really defines several different approaches in reading. Adler challenges the read to “dialogue” with the author of the book you are reading; that is, ask questions, make comments, converse with the author.

Here recently in my doctoral studies I have gotten to the place that I must define a biblical rationale for a project I am doing. Basically, I must define the biblical rationale for why I believe a project should be done or what it contributes. In doing this, I have taken a different approach to Bible reading that I really have never done…and that is skimming very quickly through the Bible. I read through Genesis quickly, just laying my eyes on the words seeking certain things. Further, it got me thinking, How do most people read the Bible?

Let me ask you, How do you read the Bible? There are many approaches to reading any book. The Bible is the most important and valuable to your life. In reading your Bible, I’ll challenge you to seek God through the Scriptures. Sometimes that will be meditating deeply upon every word. Sometimes it will be skimming it. But, no matter what you do, dialogue with the Author of the Bible–God Himself. Ask questions. Make comments. Apply it to your life. Having conversation with the Author takes the reader on a journey.

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