Mile Marker 06-28-18

Praise the Lord, all nations! Glorify him, all peoples! For his faithful love to us is great; the Lord’s faithfulness endures forever. Hallelujah! (Psalm 117 CSB)

The Psalm above is a call for universal praise to God. As I was thinking through this, there are many things that pop out. Faithful love. Faithfulness. Enduring, forever. Man, God is good.

But another take-away is the big family that Christians are a part of. I mean–big, like UNIVERSAL. All those who claim the name of Christ, raise their voices to God. It’s humbling. You see, each of us make up the whole. Many times I get wrapped up in my own little world, becoming self-centered and self-righteous. If my life isn’t go the way I want then I conclude I must be the only one experiencing such distressing times. But that’s not true. I am a part of this UNIVERSE where billions of people exist and have existed. As a Christian, I am a part of a whole. So I’m grateful that God is my father–in which I can truly praise because of His faithful love. It endures forever. It is lasting, while I am not.

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