If you’re going to evangelize…

…then you must be INTENTIONAL.

In my last post, a few weeks ago, I discussed my “word of the year.” It is “sow.” Sow the incorruptible seed of the gospel. I’m convinced most folks need encouragement…and all folks need the gospel.

My hopes are simple in this page. For one, I hope to be a little more consistent in sharing my personal thoughts, ambitions, and journey in life. But two, I want to share some insights in how you consider your life in the context of how God can use you. HE WILL. Can I ask you a question: Are you willing and available for God to use you in the context He has put you? Work. School. Recreation. Anywhere.

When you think about evangelism and sowing the seed (the primary task of Christians in regards to evangelism) it starts with being intentional. Why do I say that? Because quite frankly, for most, sharing Jesus is equated to going to the dentist for a root canal. Please, no! We are fearful on many levels…and that may be a post I share sometime soon. All I am saying here is that I must be intentional in sharing Jesus. It won’t happen naturally. In John 1:43-51, Philip went and found Nathanael to tell him that he “found Him of whom Moses in the law, and also the prophets wrote–Jesus of Nazareth” (John 1:43). Also, I reminded on an ongoing basis that the Apostle Paul “reasoned” with folks in the “marketplace daily with those who happened to be there” (Acts 17:17). How did this happen? I believe there are many discussion points on how this happened but one must not be left out because it sounds unspiritual, and it is this–INTENTIONALITY. These good brothers set out to accomplish a task, namely tell someone about Jesus. They overcame barriers. I’m sure they stuttered their words and ringed their hands at times. Keep in mind, we’re talking about common men like you and I. In these above examples, we’re talking about individuals who had been called out and given a task. They weren’t sinless or superstars. They had imperfections and complexes. Thank God, because most of the time I’m a wreck. As they went, they looked for that one (more) opportunity to have a conversation.

So, look at your day. Pray, even now, for that possibility of sharing Jesus. Where will you be that you can have a conversation about Jesus? Ask someone if you can pray for them. Ask someone if they know Jesus. Share your story as God provides you the opportunity in a conversation. Invite them to your church as your guest. Make small talk. See where it goes. Set yourself up to succeed in the call of sharing Christ. It’ll feel strange and probably awkward but, based on my experiences, that’s normal. That’s the way I feel too. I always learn every time I share, or seek to share. Remember, you’re not responsible for the results. Like a farmer that casts seed into the field, you are responsible for sharing the Word. That’s it.

I promise, you’ll have to make the effort to share Jesus because the world won’t…but they desperately need Him.

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