Are you focused for 2020?

Last year I wrote a little blog regarding have a word for the year. The idea comes from a book I read and influenced me. It’s really just a simple way of staying focused throughout the year.

You don’t have to have me tell you that every day is full, chocked full, of so many options/choices. Sometimes this paralyzes us from making a decision or it throws us off. Just think Grocery Store/Wal-Mart. How many have walked in thinking you need just 2 things, yet walk out with 12 things. Or, just take a stroll down the chip or cereal aisle at the grocery. Mercy! So many options. One word for you could help you stay focused in a year that’ll throw so many options, potentially derailing you from a productive commitment.

My word last year was “SOW.” As I thought about life and/or ministry, that was a default word for me. Sow, sow the Word of God through tracts, words, or prayers. I know if I SOW the Word, the Lord will BRING the harvest! The word for me helped me be about that business.

This year my word is SELFLESS. It comes from Philippians 2:5, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” It’s a selfless mind that led Jesus to serve and sacrifice. He was about the Father’s business. I desire a selfless attitude, not having a personal agenda of gain but rather a heart to serve. This will mean my posture will be one like Mary, instead of Martha. I will listen to the Lord and seek His will. Instead of asking, “God what is Your will for my life?” I will ask “God, what is Your will?” The latter question positions me more for the NOW while the former questions leads to potential drifting off into tomorrow, next month, or next year. Bottom line: I don’t need to miss today while looking toward tomorrow.

Do you have a word for the year? Would that be helpful for you? If not, is there a verse you could store in your heart that you repeat and meditate on to the degree that it focuses you through this year? 2020. Let’s be all that God wants us to be and not be lost in the cloud of confusion and chaos of a lost world.

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