My name is Ian Carrico; husband to Joni and dad to Elijah, Levi, Silas, and Joel Boone. I serve as a Church Evangelism Associate for the Kentucky Baptist Convention. I serve local associations, churches, Associational Mission Strategist, and Pastors/Church Leadership by equipping and encouraging them in the work of evangelism. I have a passion to serve in any way I can to reach people for Christ. Contact me at ian.carrico@kybaptist.org.

I am a plodder. I recall a professor in a seminary class refer to plodding by using the example of a horse that is racing in the mud. He will not be his fastest nor will he be the most graceful and he will probably have to adapt…but he will persevere as he presses on. Equally, I am a marathoner, having completed 6 of them. Every marathon had one thing in common: you run the first portion of 26.2 miles with your head and the last part with your heart. It takes grit! So goes evangelism. Sometimes in evangelism we must reset, refocus, and relaunch. But in order to fulfill the Great Commission, we must evangelize…we must press on! I believe, at least in part, that evangelism is a ministry whereby we must endure…we must have grit, hence the title of my site EVANGELISTIC ENDURANCE. Let us finish the work and reach the cost at any cost!

I have served as pastor at 3 churches for a combination of 13.5 years in both Kentucky and Missouri. My latest assignment from the Lord was at Beulah Baptist Church where I served 10 years.

I have earned a Bachelor’s degree from Mid-Continent University and a Master of Divinity, Master of Theology, and Doctor of Ministry Degree from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, MO. My doctoral project/dissertation is titled: “Restoring Order: Developing and Implementing Administrative Resources and Policies for Beulah Baptist Church.”

My hobbies include running and reading. I love to hang out and laugh!

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